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We organize and curate a global series of film festivals focused on high-quality independent filmmaking.


We create educational content, run workshops, and organize special courses & guest lectures around the world.


We co-produce films that align to our mission, and provide festival strategies that guide their trajectories on the circuit.


We help filmmakers get exposure across a range of territories.


We believe the world thrives on strong and vibrant partnerships. We concentrate on building and nourishing alliances through film, social entrepreneurship, entertainment, and social impact supporting groups.


We work with groups such as UN DESA, UN SDG Development Platform, Create 2030 and others to implement the Sustainable Development Goals into our events and projects, as well as our company’s infrastructure.
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January 31, 2020
Free Labor — Is It Worth It?
Our seasoned Head of Production, Benn Wiebe, talked to local radio DR P1 about free labor in creative industries. Read our detailed recap for more insights...
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January 22, 2020
Where to Study Film in Denmark?
Film education in Denmark? HF Productions reveals its top-list of film/media courses and educational programs for those wanting to study in Hygge-land.
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December 5, 2019
HF Productions Starts Blogging
*taps mic* Hello, is this thing on? We’ve been running over 20 annual film events successfully around the world for the past couple of years, ...
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``The organizers are very passionate and curate a wide selection of films, all with high quality yet unique perspectives.`` - Annual Copenhagen Film Festival
- Alistair C.
``It is great to have festivals like this that encourage films and screenplays about global problems and our planet's future.`` - Arctic Film Festival
- Lynn V.
``Was lucky to attend the award show which was good and cozy opportunity to mingle with other filmmakers. The festival team was very nice and friendly and the communication was super from start to finish. Overall a great experience.`` - Annual CPH Film Festival
Asger B.
``An extremely well-organized no-nonsense festival! Excellent communication and great quality for the value.`` - Close:Up Reykjavík Film Festival
- Alain C.
``Networking and communication are outstanding - you will meet not only a team of nice people but also be able to share an experience with people who are already professionals in European film production.`` - Oslo Film Festival
Anastasia N.
``The festival team are very friendly and clearly hardworking. Had a chance to see a slate of very good films during the festival and hope to attend in the future!`` - Annual CPH Film Festival
Yad D.