Finding the right education is never a walk in the park. Finding the right education in the creative industry is in fact closer to a half marathon. You dream of becoming a great industry professional – a Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Sound Editor, Production Designer, the new Zeffirrelli, you name it! And you can only become it all in a stimulating and modern environment where the love of films is lingering through the bare soul of the institution. 

Your expectations are over the roof and your creativity is skyrocketing – you just need to find the right, nurturing environment that caters for all that energy, and – oh yeah – it should happen to be in Denmark. It’s that easy.


Well… yeah, maybe in the new Disney Star Wars movie it is… 

But before you bite all your nails off, realising that after tirelessly typing an infinite variation of  “Film education in Denmark”, “Film School in Copenhagen” etc. in your search engine, you always end up getting the same hits, let us help you. We have done the research and our team members also hold film degrees from Danish institutions. 

Start with creating a checklist! 

Let’s be honest: There are a great number of programmes and courses for aspiring film professionals out there, and sometimes it is hard to tell what is it that we are looking for – and maybe not all of them are fitting for your needs. First of all, it is important to create a quick check-list for yourself. 

List up the points that you would like your educational program to fit – include admission requirements, budget, length of education and your future opportunities after the completion of the degree. 

Remember to check demand and supply, as well as market and industry  projections – you may think that there are unlimited number of DOP positions out there, but that may not be the case.  Don’t rush this part – it’s worth your time. Making rush decisions can result in  “#Megxit”, films like “The Room” or Tesla’s CyberTruck.

“Okay, okay… But WHERE should I study film in Denmark?” Wait no more! 

Here is our list of programs and courses available in Denmark
University/Long  Education, Degrees

Duration: 2 year

Location: Copenhagen 

Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH): 6325 EUR

Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH): FREE

Quick sum-up : You should apply here if you hold a bachelor’s degree and have obtained credits within the field of film and media studies in a research-based environment and if you have interest in film, television, digital media as well as radio and printed media and audiovisual media. 

Career opportunities: Communication sector and the film, TV, advertising and IT industry, teacher, member of information and PR staff. 

Duration: 4-4 and a half years

Location: Copenhagen 

Quick sum-up : The school offers the following 8 tracks: Script writing, Sound editing, Fiction directing, Documentary Directing, cinematography and film producing (all those lasting 4 years), animation and games directing (4 and a half years). Please note, that to be admitted it is essential that you speak and understand Danish Language.

Career opportunities: Scriptwriter, sound editor, documentary director, cinematographer, film producer, animator, opportunities in gaming sector

Duration: N/A

Location: Aarhus and Copenhagen

Quick sum-up : The school offers advanced undergrad programmes taught in English within Photojournalism, Multimedia, World Politics, Public Relations, Communications Design, etc.

  • 18 Frames – 2,5 – year-long part-time programme for those seeking hands-on education (Taught in Danish) 

Duration: 2  and a half  years 

Location: Fyn

Tuition Fee: 6000 DKK/year

Quick sum-up : 18Frames is a 2.5-year part-time education. Since the education is part-time, it is not SU-eligible. 18Frames consists of 21 students/members that are divided  into seven subject lines: Director, Producer, Screenplay, Photographer, Editor, and Production Design line. Every two years, three students are admitted to each line, so the 21 students are able to form 3 film teams for productions, teaching and learning.

  • Super8 – 3-year highly practical filmmaking education (Taught in Danish) 

Duration: 3 years

Location: Aarhus 

Quick sum-up : Super8 offers a 3-year program, covering 4 professional subject lines, including: director, screenwriter, producer and film photographer. The 4 lines work in teams, that are changed up annually. Each team needs to produce a movie every year.  

Courses/ Short Programmes 

Duration: Few weeks to few months

Location: Kongens Lyngby 

Quick sum-up : Kort & Dokumentar filmskolen offers shorter crash courses, such as Dokumentarfilm Instruktør (Documentary Director),  Film – og TV Klipper (Film and TV Editor), Webfilm Instruktør, Motion Designer. The Film school also offers shorter courses in various other film-related topics.

HF Productions is a supporter of Kort & Dokumentar Filmskolen and teaches a course based on our festival & distribution strategies.

Duration: 8 and a half month

Location: Ebeltoft 

Quick sum-up : As a Danish folk high school, the European Film College offers an 8½-month intense, hands-on film foundation programme in English. Students and teachers live on the campus during the education. 

The college also offers several shorter summer courses and workshops in Danish. 

Location: Copenhagen

Tuition fee: Dependent on courses and applicants’ location

Quick sumup : KBH Film & Photo Skole offers the the following courses: Film-Basis (Basic foundation of filmmaking), Film-Overbygning, Storylab (Manuscripts), Foto-Basis, Foto-Projekt, Foto-Freestyle, Documentary. 

Well, that would be our list for now!

Don’t get your hopes down if you couldn’t find an education on our list that would be your ideal fit, or if courses only open their intake for 2021.

It is essential to keep checking educational portals, as new courses open (and sadly, sometimes get discontinued) every year. Stay on top of your game, expand your portfolio, and use your precious time to network with like-minded industry professionals – there might be a traineeship/internship opening at your dream studio!

We hope  you found this list useful. Share your experience with us if you attended any of these programs or if you know about any other education in Denmark that a fellow film-enthusiast could apply for.